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Enogastronomia e Paesaggio



This itinerary offers the chance to combine the visit of the charm of the City of Turin and its monuments with the beautiful landscapes of Langhe and its villages.You will also discover the authenticity of small producers of cheeses, Piedmont’s true excellences, with guided tours and explanation of the different stages of the manufacturing cheese process. You’ll visit storage and refinement rooms, stables and, during the summer, you can visit the sheep at the pasture. The program also includes several tastings of cheeses and charcuterie which will help visitors to appreciate these important products of the Piedmontese gastronomic tradition.You will also enjoy visiting the small town of Mondovi, at the foot of the Alps, with its monuments and, in Turin, you will enjoy one of the specialties that make Piedmont one of the most famous places in the world: the chocolate. Indeed, visitors will enjoy this delicacy in a famous chocolate shop in Turin.You cannot miss the visit to one of the most famous museums in Turin: the Cinema Museum, with its spectacular presentation created by the famous Swiss set designer François Confino.

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