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A fascinating journey that runs following unusual routes for this great classic of the United States, the parks of the West and the Pacific coast. Starting from Salt Lake city you can admire the states of Utah, Nevada and California, and the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, the Monument Valley, which offers many suggestions related to the many movies filmed in the area, the land of the great Indian tribe Navajo, the park of sandstone arches, the area called Canyonlands full of arches, spiers and pinnacles, magnificent parks like Bryce Canyon (a true gem of the West, a natural amphitheater where the green of the fir trees alternates with endless faded pink rocky spiers, the most extraordinary colors) and Zion (with its granite rocks and alpine vegetation) that are so different, the city of Las Vegas, with the almost surreal architecture of its hotels, San Francisco, a city that is a true legend for many of us, situated along the Pacific coast with its steep roads, the cable tram, docks where live sea lions, Alcatraz island, the notorious prison, now a museum, the Golden Gate, the really impressive redwood forests. The journey ends in an original way with a stay in Hawaii islands known for its volcanoes, which erupt very liquid lava, the lush vegetation and crystal clear waters in which to relax at the end of the tour.

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