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This itinerary will lead the visitor to discover the most famous brands and Piedmont excellences in many different fields such as gastronomic and manufacturing producers in the region. The departure will be from Turin where it will be possible to visit some successful companies well known worldwide like Lavazza, leader in the industry of coffee, Aurora's company, producing luxury stylographic pens, the laboratory of Laura Tonatto, perfume maker renowned all over the world, the Gobino' seat, one of the most famous maître chocolatier in Piedmont. In the surroundings of Turin two brands absolutely well known internationally will capture the guest interest: Pininfarina and its Museum, and Martini & Rossi. The tour will move to the north visiting the so called textile area where Ermenegildo Zegna is producing, as a world leader, cachemire clothes. A short transfer to Valenza will allow visitors to enter in the heart of the goldsmith producing area to appreciate the last works and the newest designs of the jewels. The tour will end in the Langhe Area where our guests, fascinated by gastronomy, having a stay in the best Relais of Piedmont, will taste Barolo and Barbaresco wines in the renowned Ceretto wine producer and to see the celebrated white truffles of Alba with one's own eyes in the caveau of the most famous point of sale of this precious tuber.