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Customized itineraries and stays mainly in Piedmont, Aosta Valley and Liguria, organized to help our guests to live their special and unforgettable exploration of these unique territories.  An area multifaceted, rich in history, art and culture able to charm the visitors for magnificent variety of landscapes, fascinating Savoy Residences, old traditions’ heritage, effervescent cultural activities, a really extraordinary gastronomic delights with its wines and food, many different sports playable all the year round. The itineraries proposed by CUBE will be tailored to each clients’ particular interests according with the time they have to spend in Piedmont. It will be possible to combine more tours together, choosing among the discovery of cultural field and to explore the gastronomic specialties of the territory or moreover to dedicate to the sport activities. Our guests will be accompanied since at their arrival by a private coach and, on request, assisted by a polyglot private guide highly qualified.  The visitors can count on our Staff to assist them for every need all through of their stay.   


Art and Architecture

Piedmont offers a wide variety of itineraries, that touching different periods, link together many and various aspects of the region. The richness of its historic, artistic and architectural patrimony allows to range from roman archeological remains to industrial archeology, to have a walk in small villages and taste at the same time the contemporary art’s marks.

Wine, food and Landscape

Piedmont is well-known worldwide as a region designated to gastronomic tourism. The different territories can offer a rich variety of selected raw materials, an important gastronomic tradition strongly defined, an enormous and boundless cheese production, a high quality wines selection and also the leadership in Italy for the DOCG wines.

Once visited the beauties of Turin, we suggest to coninue exploring PIedmont Region programming a stay in Monferrato Land, territory not yet well-known but can offers great Piedmont wines and fine...
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Discovery the charme of Turin, first Capital of Italy. A pleasant walk along streets and alleys in the city centre, enjoying pauses and customized tastings in historical cafés and in famous chocolate...
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Roero land is not yet famous as the better known Langhe, but this territory will offer unexpected surpises for its richness in history, culture and gastronomy. Here a visitor will find great wines,...
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Outdoor Activities

Piedmont thanks to landscape’s variety offers a wide range of options for outdoor sports that can satisfy each particularly client’s interests: from trekking to motorbike lovers, from paraglider to bike lovers. Its mountains and its valleys, so close to the city, allow live fantastic moments for free ride in winter, excursions by foot, by bike and by quad or enjoying horse riding in summer.

To discover the as yet little known valleys of  Verbano Cusio Ossola, CUBE proposes combining winter sports activities with thermal baths. In some of the charming mountain resorts off the beaten...
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History and Culture

Everywhere in Piedmont we can breathe history and culture. Remains of different periods are distributed in this area, from Roman ruins to Napoleonic time, from Risorgimento to the rapid and dramatic economic development till to our contemporary times. Literature, cinema, theatre, music, today these are the arts that feed Piedmont who is leaving more and more the hegemony of the industrial period.